Eric Burdon & The Animals (1976)

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Информация о пластинке:
Название: Eric Burdon & The Animals
Исполнитель: Eric Burdon & The Animals
Жанр: Rhythm & Blues, Classic Rock
Год выпуска: 1976
Количество композиций: 13
Количество пластинок: 1
Фирма: Metro Records (Made in UK)
Номер по каталогу: 2356 142

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Формат: mp3 + flac
Качество: cbr 320 kbps + lossless 24 bit/96 kHz
Размер файла: 150 Мб + 1,27 Гб (3% на восстановление)

Предпрослушка: mp3 cbr 320 kbps

Список композиций:
01. Good Times
02. Sky Pilot
03. San Franciscan Nights
04. Paint It Black
05. When I Was Young
06. C.C. Rider
07. Ring of Fire
08. River Deep, Mountain High
09. Monterey
10. Help Me Girl
11. I’m An Animal
12. To Love Somebody
13. Gratefully Dead (bonus, mono)
(b-side of ‘San Franciscan Nights’ from MGM single 1359)

Burdon was lead singer of The Animals, formed during 1962 in Newcastle, England. The original band was the Alan Price Combo which formed in 1958. They became the Animals shortly after Burdon joined the band. They combined electric blues with rock and in the USA were one of the leading bands of the British Invasion.

By late 1966 the other original members, including keyboardist Alan Price, had left. Burdon and drummer Barry Jenkins reformed the group as Eric Burdon and The Animals. This more psychedelic incarnation featured future Family member John Weider and was sometimes called Eric Burdon and the New Animals. Keyboardist Zoot Money joined during 1968 until they split up in 1969. This group's hits included the ballad "San Franciscan Nights", the grunge–heavy metal-pioneering "When I Was Young", "Monterey", the anti-Vietnam anthem "Sky Pilot" and the progressive cover of "Ring of Fire". Wikipedia

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