Angelo Branduardi ‎- Va Où Le Vent Te Mène (1980)

Оцифровку и обработку выполнил: Fran Solo

Информация о пластинке:
Название: Va O? Le Vent Te M?ne
Исполнитель: Angelo Branduardi
Жанр: Pop, Chanson, Folk
Год выпуска: 1980
Количество композиций: 09
Количество пластинок: 1
Фирма: Ariola Benelux (Made in France)
Номер по каталогу: 200.143

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Формат: mp3 + flac
Качество: cbr 320 kbps + lossless 24 bit/96 kHz
Размер файла: 101 + 818 Мб (3% на восстановление)

Предпрослушка: mp3 cbr 320 kbps

Список композиций:
Side 1
1. Va O? Le Vent Te M?ne (3:26)
2. La Terre Et L'eau (3:12)
3. La Sorci?re (4:20)
4. Le Sang Et La Chair (3:33)
5. Coquelicot Dans La R?colte (4:53)
Side 2
6. Le Seigneur Des Baux (4:29)
7. Couleurs Des Troittoir (3:29)
8. Le Ph?nix Et Le Hiboux (3:11)
9. L'enfant Clandestin (7:25)

Angelo Branduardi was born in Cuggiono, in the Milan area. Later his family settled in Genoa; there, at the "Niccol? Paganini" music academy, Angelo got his violin certification, and started playing as a soloist with the orchestra of the Academy. At the age of fifteen he moved again, this time to Milan, in order to attend high school, where he was taught by the great poet Franco Fortini. After that, he took up Philosophy at university; during that time he started composing, putting the texts of his favourite authors into music. "Confessioni di un malandrino" by the Russian poet Sergej Esenin, one of his most famous songs, dates indeed from those years.

Still very popular to this day, BRANDUARDI can be considered a progressive artist due to his great love for folk and classical music, which have always been essential sources of inspiration to him. During his long career he has always been very consistent in his style, and never compromised in order to gain commercial success. His eponymous first album, released in 1974, is one of the most appealing for prog fans; but the great success came with "Alla fiera dell'est", recorded for Polydor in 1976. Both the single and the LP were top hits in Italy, and also made the artist very famous in other European countries such as Germany and France, where most of his albums have been issued, often in different versions than the originals, and Branduardi has constantly toured.

Combining traditional folk tunes (often from northern Europe) with classical music, Branduardi, a trained violinist, has created a distinctive style that is still very popular nowadays. Over the years he has worked with many other Italian artists , and his collaboration with Banco del Mutuo Soccorso is noteworthy for prog fans: BRANDUARDI played violin on "Come in un'ultima cena", and translated the lyrics for the English-language version of that album, "As in a last supper". Banco's members also played with him on the live "Concerto" 3-LP box set.

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