Glenmor ‎- Cet Amour-Là... (1970)

Оцифровку и обработку выполнил: Fran Solo

Информация о пластинке:
Название: Cet Amour-L?...
Исполнитель: Glenmor
Жанр: Celtic, Poetry, Folk, Breton-Folk
Год выпуска: 1970
Количество композиций: 12
Количество пластинок: 1
Фирма: Barclay (Made in France)
Номер по каталогу: 80.382

Информация о файле с оцифровкой:
Формат: mp3 + flac
Качество: cbr 320 kbps + lossless 24 bit/96 kHz
Размер файла: 99 + 808 Мб (3% на восстановление)

Предпрослушка: mp3 cbr 320 kbps

Список композиций:
Side A
1 Sodome 3:30
2 Le Retour 2:45
3 Les Croisades 3:00
4 Credo De La Joie 5:30
5 Table D'Hote 2:30
6 Les Oiseaux 2:30
Side B
1 Cet Amour-L? 2:35
2 Dieu Me Damne 2:45
3 Dame Mis?re 3:15
4 Il Se Fit Ane 2:30
5 Je Rirai Peut-Etre Demain 3:30
6 La Rose 2:30

Emile Le Scanf was born in 1931 at Mael-Carhaix. In 1941, he entered the small seminary in Quintin. After his military service in Paris, he obtained a licence de philosophie at Rennes in 1952. He then travelled extensively in Italy, Greece, Turkey, Yugoslavia and Russia until 1954. During this period he began writing and composing.
His musical career really began in 1959 with a recital in Paris before a small audience. He later released his first album as "Glenmor", Glenmor ? la Mutualit?. His stage name was derived from words for land (glen) and sea (mor) in Breton. His distinctive style led to popularity.
His songs aggressively asserted the unique cultural identity of Brittany. He portrayed himself as a political radical with anti-clerical and anarchist views. He wore a beard and his hair long, in a revival of the traditional Breton peasant style.

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